The Greatest Substance In Life is... Faith, Hope, and Love!

Why should I share, and who will believe my views...


Born and raised on the prairies in Central Saskatchewan, Canada when at a very young age life unfolded with an unwelcome physical disability. A diagnosis effecting the muscles and nerves, supposedly medically speaking an inherited type (which my parents knew nothing about) affecting my ability to continue walking… soon the need to adjust and adapt to life in a wheelchair was no option outside a miracle. This unfortunate diagnose was not only an unwelcome situation for my parents, and as time went on would become a reality in my life.

As like for any child to comprehend or understand the reality of what this disability would entail was perhaps unimportant at a young age…But its limitations to walk and run would soon became evident as time went on especially for a child that didn't show any signs of a physical problem walking up until the age of six. With no medical cure (still to this very day) for this type of Muscular Dystrophy, simply gave no other option but to gradually adjust to life in a wheelchair, realizing more and more as the years went by that life would be different in terms of physical mobility. Making life not only different for a child, or teen, but for an adult as well.  Well, different it was, and has been a way of life for me...

In and through this journey, I have come to understand the beauty of life from a different perspective, if you will.

Regardless of my young age at the time, I suppose my young mind un-knowingly seemed to be filled with determination in HOPE and FAITH and life went on… Hope and Faith was at work regardless of the situation in my life as I see it now. The MIRACLE substance of HOPE and Faith is always at work within a person regardless whether young or old, disabled or not. Hope and Faith gives one determination within. Something our human body has been given from CREATION which proves just how wonderfully we are made.... but as it seems to me, its up to us to choose to go in the realm of Hope and Faith, by simply not giving up at any time, and with the Lords help focusing on Hope and Faith, one can carry on.

As I understand Faith and Hope, and what it is to me; its a vital substance at work in every one of us. Its purpose is for good and not for evil. Yes, we may feel disappointed or discouraged about something.... but to also know the other side of such situations is far better. So whether its disappointments, or discouragements, or a trial, Hope and Faith can, and does take one through many situations… helping us to understand and know what the opposite of Hope and Faith is, what its main aim is, and what it does for us, is so important. The opposite of Hope and Faith is to simply lead one onto a path of giving up and quit following after Hope and Faith.

I don’t believe that is a positive path to embrace. So on the contrary; I personally have discovered what is always best to do when situations arise, is to turn, cling and embrace Hope and Faith instead of doubt. Learning to understand and sharpen ones knowledge on the opposite of Hope and Faith, as to what doubt is all about is nothing more then to live in hopelessness.... Hope and Faith helps to stir up a reason to not give up... seeking out what it does for any one is Life. It places us, and gives us a place for Hope, and to carry on... this life force of HOPE and FAITH within urges one to go on, its a marvelous tool!

This Hope and Faith is a source of life, if you will, to me. Which is always whispering into my soul, good positive thoughts. I truly believe if one listen can develope a discernment to its prompts to hear what is being whispered into the soul of our mind, then consider and heed to its message, for me it repositions thoughts I would call, a call for Hope MESSAGE, being imparted… Yes, I believe the Message of Hope is gently speaking to a soul often… giving inner courage and comfort, regardless what things may look like or feel like. Hopes purpose is to anchor one in Faith.

The message of HOPE and FAITH in a nut shell; as I see it, is positive, and is truth, bringing into my soul, a surge of light and purpose.... with continued encouragement where disappointments or discouraged valleys lie… helping to reflect on Hope instead off on loss or defeat... such is always encouraging, and brings one to take steps of Hope and Faith, for a purpose!  HOPE and FAITH - Faith is The Substance of Things Hoped for, The Evidence of Things Not Seen. What a God kind of statement! 

So, for me, rather then feel hopeless, I believe its best to take the hand of truth with courage and determination, in the moment, bringing into a soul, a purpose to hold on to something good, being reminded to take another step forward in Faith, rather then a step backwards in doubt. Holding tightly onto the hand of  the one who is the Athor and Finisher of this life force – who first called HOPE and FAITH into being before CREATION, a good thing, with purpose and destiny – where again, destiny with purpose encounters HOPE and FAITH, hand-in-hand... face to face… keeping thoughts on a positive mind set, consistently redirecteing on Hope, is how I see it.

So, this journey for me has not been all doom and gloom regardless of the ups and downs in my life…. while adjusting and readjusting to life in a wheelchair has been a frustrating journey-experience to say the least.  in all honesty, has never been something I would call exciting nor what I would accept as my best. But, again, I choose to see the good in every situation, simply by living and trusting in Hope and Faith as I journey....

While being reminded what others go through in life, then perhaps my situation and circumstances may not be so bad. But what I have choose to do, and have learned to do, in spite, is choose to make the best of what I have right now, and being reminded that there is a future ahead for all of us! And knowing that we all can Hope for bright tomorrows to follow.

Yes, knowing that within each present moment, there can be a future to dream about.... realizing just how blessed and fortunate I am, in spite of not being able to walk! At the same time, realizing that God, not being a magician, has proven Himself real to me over and over… allowed me to see what His LOVE is about in various ways. At times by divine provision, or by and through others…. that makes me appreciate knowing that He has been there beside me all the time long before I knew Him as my CREATOR, SAVIOR and FRIEND!

God, the CREATOR of the whole universe, who never slumbers or sleeps, has been paving ways of protection and blessing in so many wonderful ways. In ways I never dreamed possible. Blessed with a great husband who has added so much to my life! Blessings upon blessings, all of which I am ever so grateful for! 

With that thought in mind, also considering what is all possible with God and by God.... in the moment… understanding that He sees the future… while He’s constantly reading my spirit-heart thoughts…. seeing me just as I am, is a comfort to know!  With that kind of knowledge, embracing His EVER loving LOVE for not only me, but for all people, simply put, delights my soul.... that thought alone, in the moment can be called, perhaps perfect to best right now! Really, all one has is this moment to start with as one builds on Hope and Faith for all the tomorrows!

And yes, in and through this journey I did have questions, many questions. But in due time I did get answers. I did discover what life is all about, should be about, and could be...! So, where to start, how to adapt, and then step by step, slowly I learned to adjust and balance truth, one second at a time, one day at a time, and well, the rest of it becomes a journey to be discovered one day at a time. Yes, a discovery about what life should really be like, not only for my self, but it pertains to every one…. Understanding such revelation never has an ending.

So, while wondering and questioning life, its purpose and destiny, new heavenly revelations started to be revealed to me through and by Gods Word, and by the work of the Holy Spirit. As God, in His supernatural way was, and still is doing deep work in my soul.... and WOW, truth brings understanding… a day at a time! Truth is ever bringing answers. Answering many questions for me and still more to be learned....which excites me.

Learning that by Gods divine guiding, redirecting my each and every negative thought into positive worthwhile thoughts became my directions to live by… has been awesome. Thereby putting one thought at a time to the test, allowed me to discover life in the present differently.

Discovering life, with its many gift's within, tasting the love of God who is the author of LOVE, in a fresh new way, brought not only revelation of LOVE, HOPE and FAITH to light, but, which also brought a new spiritual birth into my spirit-heart. What a revelation to discover! All of which has helped me by the GRACE of God to encourage myself daily, by pursing a walk of HOPE and FAITH…. seeking out that there is a purpose and destiny for me. God knows each ones destiny by the choices we make. But did I, or do we know that? A question I had often asked myself.

With, and by this truth, I have discovered that within there are so many gifts with a desire and passion to express by, or through writing; such as song lyrics, etc, soon to be publishing my first book, etc., and on. Simply to make my point, I enjoy so many things this world gives to be appreciated.... all of which is part of my destiny, simply sharing from my spirit-heart and soul to whosoever.... as I utilize the gifts within, I have discovered the gifts to be a part of my personal make-up in and by sharing with others, what I am gifted with.

Whether, young or old, it is important to focus minute by minute on the many blessings that each of us have already set before us. Such blessings should never be left un-told!  While again, I remember to embrace each second of every minute to be important, and never neglecting to embrace, or enjoy life in practical ways… and not wait for when big blessings come. But cease the moment and enjoy life right now!

So regardless where one may have been born or raised, what should off been or what didn't seem right or fair in life, could make one question its reason.....  As in my life, Gratefulness within the spirit – heart and soul helps me to define that yes, hardships and challenges may face one face-to-face, but what one does with hardships and challenges in life is what matters in the long term… such as has been mentioned here in brief.