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December 12, 2011

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Hello Everyone!

Please RE-READ my Blog of December 5th. So SORRY about the Blue Button Link.

Dec. 5, 2011

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Well, what an exciting time for me!

Yes, dreams do come true. They come true with persistence, hard work; self denied sacrifices, determination and inspiration of the soul.

That being said, it is my privilege and honor to inform you, direct you, and invite you to follow the Link and purchase a copy of my very First Self Published Book.

This Recipe Book brings into the hands of many regardless of age or gender, many of my very own self-created recipes, with a few special features, plus, some hints from my kitchen to yours.

These Recipes are easy and practical to prepare. Just pick a recipe from the Book and cook away. For the not so savey, simply follow some of my handy tips in the Recipe Book, and create your own type of dish by putting something together in a flash.

Please feel free and more then welcome to also Foreword my Personal Web site link to family, friends, colleges and neighbors to perhaps give them some HELP for some of those CHRISTMAS STOCKING STUFFER IDEAS !!!

Or on the other hand, what a great idea for a Christmas Gift! What a time to bless someone with this kind of GIFT for under the tree which warms the soul for years to come, long after Christmas is over!!

A LITTLE HELPFUL NOTE PERHAPS FOR SOMEONE: Go to, (which is my Publishing Company) then click on buy books, choose category - "cooking column" on the left side of your computer screen -- then in search box, type, Books by Sylvia Gerber, and up comes my recipe book in two choices. A paperback copy (which is a hands-on-physical Book) to order via the mail, or an Ebook for use only on your computer, in digital form.

Nov. 4, 2011

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Hello everyone!


Its a Good Day and a busy one.... 

Welcome Note:

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Hello and Welcome!

Well, here it is, my first ever attempt to create a web site... it has been both, a learning curve as well as exciting! I can only hope to improve my skills setting up the site as time progresses.... in hopes of bringing something new to my site weekly, by way of encouragement and etc, all of which helps me to sharpen my skills in web site knowledge, always hoping to give you some encouragement along the way.

Also watch for my First Paperback and eBook information coming soon!

Feel free to leave me a comment!



Aug. 27, 2011

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Another new day! So to remember this truth on a daily basis, which can become a habit of choice. and with Gods help and direction, I continue my projects. 

July Long Week-end

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Sunday July 3rd 2011 @ 4:25 p.m.

July long week end is almost past - where is the time going? The day has been busy as usual. Doing the every day routine - plus spending time considering the trip we should be taking to spend time with family and friends... while attending a memorial tea in honor of my sisters passing in November of 2010... but, we need to canel our trip. Something which is hard to do. Sometime choices of this nature are not always understood.... need to be set a side and trust that others will be able to understand why the reconsidered trip.